Decorating Smaller Spaces Creatively

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Decorating Smaller Spaces Creatively

 A lot of people are downsizing these days, whether by choice or necessity. Having a smaller space presents decorating and design challenges, about which misconceptions abound. The number one misconception? That using white will make your space look larger. Not so, say experts. Another mistaken belief is that less and smaller furniture is the only option open to small-space owners. But decorating limited space is more about placement of furnishings and careful color usage.

 Let’s start with color. Believe it or not, sharp, bright colors work best in smaller spaces, with plenty of negative space between. Experts also advise using splashes color in unexpected places. The insides of bookcases, windowsills and radiators are just a few. Try picking one wall in every room as your focal or accent wall and paint it a deeper color than the other three. This brings depth to a room the way solid color can’t. Use color to tie accents together, such as throw pillows and lampshades.

 When it comes to the kitchen, go bold. One hot trend you’ve no doubt noticed is the deep RED kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild with color.

Another room people tend to go neutral is in the bathroom, but this is another place you can have fun with color. Why not try a royal blue or warm brown?

 Just as vertical stripes in clothing make you look thinner and taller, so can stripes draw the eye upward in a room. Paint your ceilings a lighter color than the walls to open the room up. Have one item in black in each room to clarify your brighter colors.

**Before you get started painting, however, a word of caution: You may want to experiment first with a small can of the paint. At your hardware store, there are often tools you can use to see what the color might look like in real life, including software.

 Here are some more tips to make the most of your small space:


1. Use mirrors. This isn’t so you can check your hair whenever you want, it’s to reflect light and create more depth. It really works. Hang mirrors opposite your windows. Hang groups of mirrors as you would groups of pictures. 


2. If you have a studio apartment (meaning just one room), don’t be afraid to paint different areas of the room different colors. Use screens, hanging fabric, even detached hanging windows to break up the space.


3. You probably have extremely limited storage space, so the best thing in the kitchen is to hang everything. Pots and pans, utensils, even china, which is both functional and decorative.


4. And speaking of storage, you want to think double duty. Use a trunk for an end table, putting your winter sweaters inside. Buy furniture, such as ottomans and tables, that have storage space inside. Put up plenty of shelving. Just be sure to arrange what goes on the shelves in a visually pleasing way, interspersing necessities with decorative touches.


5. Go ahead and display your collections. Have antique lunchboxes? Stack them on shelves. It will add color and fun to your space.


6. You must create negative space wherever you can in order to reduce a cluttered, claustrophobic feeling.


7. Use sheer window coverings to let in the light.


8. Most importantly, let your own personal style shine through regardless of how much space you have to work with. Let your space reflect who you are, and visitors won’t even notice the size.